Why Rework Happens, and What to Do About it.

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The Question:

Why am I wasting time repeating instructions and re-doing work when I know we could get it right the first time?

The Short Answer:

Simply put, it’s mindset. If you don’t spend the timedoing it right the first time, you will have tore-do it, everytime. Take a moment and read the question again. Does it ring true in your organization? Chaos becomes the standard for organizations that will not prioritize the development of clear systems designed to eliminate time waste, money leaks and mental clutter. Despite great intentions, many companies leave their employees feeling frustrated and stressed because of blindspots in their systems and communication. When more time is spent re-doing an activity or re-explaining a process versus getting the job done correctly the first time it can create serious issues for you and your people. As a leader, if you feel you’re stuck in the cycle of working IN your business instead of working ON your business then you’ve moved from leadership to management. You’re probably finding yourself busy holding everything together and fighting fires just to keep things going. The result leaves employees waiting for the next instructions and the leader running ragged trying to keep up. “The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, for if that fails,the chain fails and the object that it has been holding up falls to the ground.” Thomas Reid KaizenHub helps you and your team apply the BOSS principle to your business. This approach is the simplest and most effective way to implement change and ultimately empower your organization to build a stronger and more sustainable system, together. BOSS stands for…
  • Build – KaizenHub enables your team to visually map your organization’s current
  • Organize – When your systems are visual they can then be set in order to create a seamless flow in your system to increase efficiency and productivity. and future systems.
  • Systemize – When flow is established, you are able to identify gaps and untapped potential, and create solutions to eliminate any wasteful activities that might exist in your system.
  • Sustain – With instant digital access, usage tracking and ongoing collaborative input from your people, your processes will always be kept organized and up to date.

“Simply put, your job as the leader is to prepare yourself and your business for growth.” Michael E. Gerber

The best part of implementing KaizenHub is that your employees become “change agents” for your organization because they have the ability to apply the process as they work and identify gaps as they occur, all while offering potential solutions that help the entire organization. The leaders in your organization become a healthier support to your people when their time is spent cultivating an environment that is focused on getting it right the first time. This means happier people, a safer and healthier workplace, and above all less time and energy leaks and less money wasted. I promise you will see the value.

KaizenHub is a simple, visual and affordable digital solution to sustainable systems for you.

Visit KaizenHub.ca today!

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